Lisa Scott’s methodology is powerfully focused and driven. After deciding on a theme, she continues laboriously with that subject matter until she develops an easy fluency. A source of inspiration for Lisa has been the Mexican celebration ‘Dia de Muertos’. Her series of sugary skull paintings she describes as self-portraits.
Lisa works predominantly in painting but has experimented with a variety of mediums including screen-printing, quilting and installation.  Her artworks compel the viewer with their fun, lively and lollipop sweetness, whilst simultaneously depicting scenes of death. 
Lisa has shown work at Sydney’s Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island and Chippendale’s Beams Festival.
In 2017 Lisa began developing a biographical artwork that tells her personal history. This culminated in an exhibition in March 2019 with an intimate showing of her very personal work, a delicate text based dress inspired by the artists' lifetime of journal writing at The Australian Design Centre.