At dawn in the innocent blue waters of Flat Rock

His favorite place on Earth

Years before he taught me to make my first fire

Under the midnight hum of stars.

Revelries, visions, water and sleep.

We came of age in that place

As he put my head on the rock and my heart in sand

And demanded that I feel the pulse of the land

So I did.

And felt a beat from the East Coast to the West

Where my own country Broome was calling me home

But I was found now…and known.

Years have passed and I still need to go.

But when I sit by the fire I sit there alone

Because his pulse stopped at dawn

in the innocent blue waters of Flat Rock

I am there only to call my Ancestors via landline

To see his face in stars that spiral like vines

It's his heart I hear pulse through the waves

The soul of my brother that will always remain

A phantom shape

In the salt and the spray.