Dharawal interpretations provided by Aunty Jodi Edwards


Lonely bones sat on sandstone thrones
Ankles deep in orchids red    
Hundreds and thousands sprinkle the sky
Blood moon remembers, salt water tears they cried

Blood Moon Strong
Burnt Earth Sick         

Gunyungalung over again
Time to fight the rage
See signals in the smoke
Whimpering in the winds, an anger within
Secrets of Grandmother’s grief
Hidden in flaming leaves
Vast branches; once a battalion
Armed green with leaves and life
Now a burnt out mess
Trees; a totem pole of loss
Blood Djajun Strong
Burnt Ngura Sick
Have your blisters healed?    

The earth has now become the sun
The sun become the moon    
We’ve forgotten we’re the wind
The language of our lore       

Fight gambi with a stick
Yabun wiritjirabin      

Blood Moon Strong
Burnt Earth Sick         


Dharawal interpretations:

Blood Djajun Strong                                      Blood Moon Strong
Burnt Ngura Sick                                            Burnt Country Sick
Gunyungalung                                               Gandangara word for dreaming
Yuwin djajun, yuwin - can I send mujis?      Moon man, truth, can I send some friends?
Yabun wiritjirabin                                           Sing and clap together lyrebird