~ Written with Dharawal, Dhurga and Darumba interpretations provided by Vikki Parsley and Jodi Edwards. 


Mida mumu step
One little step
Bular mumu step
Two little step

Bright lights blind my mabura
Bright lights blind my eyes\

not wuri, not gandi
not sun, not fire
no warmth, no growth

like a dula
like a fishing hook
       white lights,
bounce off white floors -
I’m hungry,
I am in the supermarket.
       look up
Ngaa three signs
tea, sugar, flour
tea, sugar, flour
I am lost.
fruits from foreign maramal mina
fruits from foreign hand of mothers
ignite my senses,
punishing my soul

Mida mumu step
One little step
Bular mumu step
two little steps

       I sweep my tracks

Bugiya burradja
yesterday tomorrow

       Going backwards, I go forwards

Aisle 9 of the national park
Mida gayan Mina
One big mother
Bidiga Wuri leads the nugar
Grandfather sun leads the nose

Gundu yukon to teach me
trees speak up to teach me
warnings, medicine, advice, and a bite.
Ngaa gurgama gali gundu
I see westerly wind dance with trees
Manda mujis
forest friends

       Stories every which way

Manda yannga-na
Bush singing
Ngaa no English here
I see no English here
Namrag, drana drink
Wattle and white gum drink
Jingga nadjun with me, same dna
Nice and sweet fresh water with me, same dna
       Same way Bugiya, Naway, Burradja
Same way Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


These works were produced on the land of the Gadigal, and the author wishes to acknowledge the support from, and thank mentor Dr Jeanine Leane (Wiradjuri), Kirli Saunders (Gunai), Dr Tamryn Bennett, Cultural knowledge-holders Jodi Edwards (Yuin), Vikki Parsley (Darumba, Dhurga) and Aunty Deidre Martin (Walbanga Yuin)