Masoma Mahshid was born in 1998 in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. She graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Ghazni University.

Masoma developed a deep interest in writing poems since she was a child and she wrote her first poetry when she was a high school student. Meanwhile, she has been writing lyrics, masnawi, and quatrain poems professionally since 2016. Masomais also a member of ‘Khana_e_Khayam' poetry organization.

Masoma has founded ‘The Herman Literary Circle’ in Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Furthermore, she has published a poetry collection named ‘Oubor az Sang' or ‘Crossing the Stone' in partnership with other contemporary poets of Ghazni province.

Fortunately, she secured the second position award in the ‘Peace Poetry Festival’ at national rounds. Further to this, Masoma has been teaching Literature and Computer at schools since 2017.