Mothers has disappeared never to be sung again. So who will sing mothers song this song 
is ancient as the land itself. Mothers song has disappeared like a whisper in the wind. 
Through sands of time this song echoed through a thousand years. It’s to me but a fading 
memory but I still hear her singing in the wind. Her singing echoing through the desert I 
see her in my dreams singing to me she sings of long ago when the earth was young this 
beautiful gifted woman the singer of songs she tells about the spirit woman the giver of this 
beautiful song. She says she is from the sky where the stars twinkle at night she dances 
on the milky way slowly floating down to earth she gave mother this song who could sing 
as beautifully as she. So who will sing mothers song. If I could turn back time just to hear her 
sing to me. A beautiful song never to be sung mothers song is lost. Erased by the winds of 
changes nothing but a whisper in the wind a faint whisper in the distance. Mothers song 
carried away into the distance. Maybe the wind will bring a new song please whisper these 
songs to me I want to hear it. The only singing I hear in the desert is the rustling of leaves 
singing of the birds the drone of the noisy cicadas the howling of the dingoes the hooting 
of the desert owl and the sound of crickets the sound of the desert where mothers song 
once echoed. Her singing carried off by the desert wind into the distance mothers song 
has disappeared into the wind.