Melody Paloma is a poet currently living in Narrm (Melbourne). Among others, her work has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review, Rabbit, Plumwood Mountain, un Magazine, and Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry (Hunter, 2016). Her debut collection, In Some Ways Dingo, was published as part of the Rabbit Poets Series in 2017. She is currently in the midst of a year-length durational poetry performance, published by Stale Objects dePress. She has been awarded the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize, a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, and was short-listed for the Mascara Literary Review Avant-Garde Awards.




Melody Paloma reads 'Redwood Plantation, Otways National Park'

Melody Paloma reads 'Fitzroy Commission Flats

4. Hands Disappear Into Wood - Rhyming The Dead - Melody Paloma & Sam Wagan Watson