two anchovies; a bowl of milk; fried crumpet

a plum; a gun; chocolate muesli

three carpet buns with jam; tuna pickle; minties

space-ground coffee; eel segments; anzac biscuits

blendered corn; blendered tofu; happy juice

toasted garlic; roasted marshmallows; insipid tea

a hundred year old cream; fresh marzipan; banknotes

whitlamian croissant; cheese a la keating; water-by-hawke

roast lamb; rice bubbles; dropped yoghurt

grated apple with curds and ghee; ginger; fruit crusts

wheaties; banana syrup; wanderlust

photo stack; recycled margarine; caramel lovecake

damper; tomato skins; mouldy honey

hammer; blue sky; homemade anti-depressants

charcoal; peanuts; cup of kikuyu dew

ricepaper scrolls; dates; stringybark garnish

celery; rosemary marmalade; pipesmoke

blessed lemonade; genuflection; knuckle rap

sunshine; bullying; ricotta

sushi; mistletoe; sighting of a pheasant

crepe soldiers; pea smoothie; twice-boiled egg

bread with icecream and shredded mint; marigolds; salt

white noise; camembert; jatz

bodysurfing; woman’s day; junket

assorted fudge; icecubes; underarm baguette

mango vinegar; orange plastic; pinecone etc.