when you boiled it down ronald reagan was like jfk
they both turned up at the laundry
one channel was showing leather weather
we were eating cardboard sandwiches
the mood flat as beer as masterpieces
my jacket black with stars
we checked the paper for our stars
treading on banana like jfk
what do you think of those masterpieces
paintings by the owner of the laundry
he sighed they remind me of peanut butter sandwiches
another channel showed birds of a feather weather
another channel showed were in this together weather
kelly watch the stars
on the cd he burned me air sandwiches
a dirge like jfk
old guys smoke & rest in the laundry
their tattoos are masterpieces
a pinkhaired woman stares at the dryers as if theyre
its forever weather
sunlight spills on the floor of the laundry
making the tiles sparkle with little stars
theyre distant like jfk
& blue as mould on pumpkin sandwiches
someones telling their boyfriend theyre tired of being meat
in sandwiches
their boyfriend watching butts passing in jeans thinking
someone else plays a guitar like jfk
watching bull in the heather weather
in the magazine paparazzi shots of bad plastic surgery
noone like that in the laundry
were all beautiful in the laundry
smiles across our dials white & sweet as marshmallow
rating ourselves five stars
reflecting that our lives are finally masterpieces
of organisation if not life despite inability to tether weather
its nothing like tethering a bull like jfk
one of those laundry or wallpaper celebs you have to like
in other places stars tell you whether weather
will spoil a picnic & the individually wrapped sandwiches


Originally published in open sesame by Giramondo Press.