Naz Jebeli is a visionary creative entrepreneur and advocate for human rights and refugees. She endured the oppressive gender apartheid regime in Iran as well as the authoritarian offshore detention regime on Nauru.

Arriving in Australia as a refugee herself, she has transformed her personal journey into a powerful force for change. Naz's small business specialises in crafting exquisite leather goods, symbolsing the liberation she has found in breaking free from society constraints.

With an unwavering thirst for freedom, Naz embraces the paradox of finding liberation within the responsibilities and expectations of running a business. She understands that true essence can shine through commitment and dedication. Her spirit transcends the earthly confines, allowing her to soar above the limitations of this world.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Naz is deeply committed to amplifying the experiences of those seeking asylum in Australia. As a human rights and refugee advocate, she uses her voice to shed light on the challenges faced by this marginalized community. Through mentoring refugee trainees and organizing sewing classes, she empowers others to reclaim their freedom and express their unbounded spirit.