~ Ngunawal interpretations provided by Jai Bell 




Gulunggaya Ngining Bilbi Nadjang Daoure Indegee Dhari Dhawura
Indegee Gulunggaya Bayang Dhanu Indegee
Gawar Mangga
Indegee Gulunggaya Mil Daoure
Gulunggaya Mara
Dhanugulanga Gunanggu  
Dhanugulanga Ngurumbang
Indegee Gulunggaya Dambalinyi
Indegee Gulunggaya Gawar Minga
Nguna Minya Yimaba Bula Ganan
Nadjang Daoure Dhuni
Dhanu Dhuniyang Indegee
Djaan Mara
Yimaba Ganan Wandiny Yimaba Djaan
Dhanu Dhuniyang  
Banggi Indegee Gulunggaya Mara Ganan Nadjang Daoure




My feet are covered in dirt from Mother Earth as I stand still on her Country.
I use my body as conduit as she begins to fill me—
with a heartfelt message,
with utmost love,
I open my eyes to the truth inscribed in the earth
My hands uncover the stories—
her people
her places
I use my mind like a justice scale
and endeavour to weigh up the facts—
with incriminating evidence,
with undeniable proof
I close my heart to the trauma etched upon page
            I can’t comprehend this hurt
This is what you need to know
Mother Earth will say
as I become threadbare
Winds of change
she tells me
are already on the way—
You’ll know when you’re ready
She says
Over thick skin I rub my hands
and listen deeply to Mother Country.