Nick Paton is a proud Ngunawal man born on Darug country. Raised on Dharawal, he has also spent a number of years living and working on Gundungurra and Eora lands. Nick is currently residing on, a visitor to and always respectful of the lands of the Widjabul people of the Bundjalung Nation.
Having spent a number of years working on projects for the Arts Unit of the NSW Department of Education, Nick is passionate about engaging and assisting people from all walks of life to explore the benefits of self-expression through education whether it be through music, the arts or academia.
Nick is fascinated by the myriad of ancient cultural aspects of Australian Indigenous Peoples, especially in regard to the limitless possibilities of engaging with Elders and traditional language custodians in order to study many of the estimated six hundred First Nations language dialects the Australian Indigenous culture has to offer.
Nick has a strong belief that many First Nations Languages are capable of almost complete restoration through education and First Nations language revival systems, such as poetry. Nick is studying a Bachelor of Indigenous Knowledge with major subjects and interests focused around Traditional Indigenous land management practices and knowledge systems.