1993 city guide, signed by the cartographer, a family friend; sweatbands, hardly worn; squash racket, never used; Anthology of American Folk Music Volume Three sleeve; clap sticks; didgeridoo, with native-bee nest, not suitable for playing; bag of frozen Christmas beetles; huntsman; puncture repair kit, suits bicycles, inflatables, camping equipment; postcard of the northern lights; pencil sketch of the goldfinch; celadon vase, works as ice bucket; starfish; Vision Street Wear badge; sunscreen; bronze axe head, oxidising slightly.

Three bottles of ammonia; demineralised water; small pieces of metal, suit 1948 Skoda; three various-sized containers of nails, scalpels, and other sharp items, not all rusted, suit small project; two-litre milk bottle of latex, hardly touched; star fruit tree with glass baubles, fits through most doors; Moreton Bay bugs; binoculars; darts; pendant lamp; aluminium clock radio; spare tyre; goggles with mud wasp nests; glass home distillery set; blue jeans, no buttons; buttons, no blue jeans; wool brush, with wool attached; fuse; heat lamp; musket. 

Homemade ‘Robin’ mask, shirt and cape; tarpaulin; trailer; rain-ruined hardcovers; moa bones; human skull; .35, .18 Rotring pens, suit young architect; six kilograms of Lego, suit enthusiast or beginner; scratched women’s tortoise-shell glasses, have only been used for driving; cast-iron moustaches; pencil sketch of a uterus; more moa bones; watermelon scoop; more bits of metal, all rusted; dried citrus flowers; wooden train, in original box, suit child, or adult; beekeeper smoker; Marsh Arab cufflinks; Goanna Oil.

Jumper leads; rasp; three drill bits; drill case; iron hand-painted British soldiers; La Vie en Rose; wire bust, found inbushes; two banana boards, found in bushes; pitching wedge, more like a five iron; spirit level; food processor, yellowing slightly; iron gate, found in bushes; assortment of WWII paratrooper badges; pink spray paint, suitable for road marking; gasmask; three knives, three forks and two spoons with green-glass handles; five green-glass handles; Birds of the East Coast. 

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