But time is not a fish,

waiting to be caught.

~  Miranda Mellis


cold fingers tap    delete white noise

monday nothing 


is saying ‘no’ the same as not seeing?

what are we missing?

my monostack is nothing 

one nothing at a time

the prayer released

the text unreceived

nothing happens here

nothing gets done  but  you get to like it

what do they mean when they say ‘the nerve!’?


monday nothing again

nothing is nourishing

nothing makes poetry happen

and forgetting:

nothing but rhizomes divide the rhizomes

i’ve never put that on the to-do list

but i inevitably never fail to do it

(think of a number, divide it by two

something is nothing, nothing is nothing)


miss going to events

ah monday  it’s nothing to me


nothing will come of nothing

a bicycle with a flat tyre

yet another burden to carry

‘nevermind’ is the impossible takeback

it’s not nothing

there’s nothing like it

literally nothing

nothing will come of nothing

wednesday nothing


the place of nothing

worth more than something

no silence    delete white noise

something where there should be nothing

missteps in directions or recipes

the undoable revolving door on the dating show

is saying ‘no’ the same as not seeing?

reservation in place of something

nothing to prove   nothing to show


not for nothing do we ask about a void

hollywood remakes of remade remakes

no longer of any substance

‘full time’ a french film ‘à plein temps’

at palace cinemas broadway

nothing much to worry about

nothing  nothing  nothing

nothing doing!   

i’m loving nothing!


something broke the time constraint 

missteps in directions or recipes

there was a length of time today that it took

to get to the airport

to get from one state to another 

to get to the end of the runway

nothing for it but to confess

& do a wrong-half-hour nothing

friday, for a change, a little more nothing


Footnote: this poem was created using the Between-the-action constraint as the starting point. It makes reference to the songs Nothing by The Fugs (1965), Spanish Blue by The Triffids (1982) and Three Girl Rhumba by Wire (1977)