and so, people underestimate you?




I sat on a chair –
I was determined to find my Guide
I'd read a book on how to do it –
so I'm sitting on a chair just really straight and still and then I felt my arms moving up—



[raises arms and grimaces because she has bursitis in her right shoulder]

seen and unseen

Note: This poem was first published in Admissions: Voices within Mental Health (Upswell Publishing, 2022)

The aim of this project is to share lived experiences of mental health via poetry. Therefore, some of the workshop content may potentially trigger some readers. If you require mental health support or assistance, you can call the Wellways Helpline plus a list of free confidential 24/7 support lines can be found here. You are not alone in your journey.

As themselves (believed and seen) read by Wendy Burton with Pascalle Burton