I crawled inside my father

the air was fresher
than I expected

his organs
though decaying
smelt like carnival hotdogs

I stretched my limbs inside him
pressed my hands against him
felt the walls that held him

then kicked my legs out
where his were hanging
shorter though than mine

I said Sorry 'bout the disturbance,
quietly at first
then louder
when I knew he hadn't heard me

I pulled myself up
(by the bootstraps of course)
yelled through his anvil stirrup hammer
I'm in here you crazy bastard

he replied
I'll give you a backhander, laddie!
least I thought it was him
'til I saw his father
glaring through the ribcage

I didn't stick around to see
my father's beating part;
a scared little shit,
I got out of there fast



Paul Mitchell- 'natalie imbruglia' & 'inside my father'