Riding along on my pushbike honey wearing high heels and a

monk's habbit, I am riding along carrying a butterfly net flowing in

the warm wet wind and I'm on the trail of an airborne creature a

little specimen called a gnat


a Natalie Imbruglie


She buzzes all bright eyed and singing a little way ahead and I

crack a heel on the peddly in my pursuit and she turns left of the

middle of the road and I'm chasing hard up a hill and I swing my

net and thowacka I've got her I see her Hahn ice blue eyes

flickering and flapping inside my trap and she sings I'm Torn

and I
look at the wound above her wings and kiss it better and say it'll

be okay


Natalie Imbrugliaye


I carry her home in my butterfly net and I taker her to my monk cell

and I take her out of the net and she tries to fly out the window but I

have it locked and it's plop she falls onto the ground unconscious

and I pick her up and take her over to the shelf and I take from the

shelf my large glass jar with her name on it written there in black



Natalie Imbruglah


I pick her up by her wings and begin to push her prod her pump

her into the jar and finally losing breath there's a POP and she's in

the jar just woken up and noticing the green grass form my home

I've given for her to eat she takes a bite through tearful washbowl



Natalie Imbrugliiiiiiiii


I put her back on the shelf with the others singing there Kylie and

Danni and Tina I say Natalie you'll be right at home here in my cell

singing your poppy ploppy songs all day long and they're all

chirping and singing a mad mad medley of Locomotion and Chains

and whatever it is that Danni tries to sing and as they do I scream

as loud as I can over the musicalia quoting and ranting form Holy

Texts over and over again, Chastity, Humility, Piety to strip from

you all your vanity enjoy your days in the holy hell I've made for thee...


Natalie Imbruglieeeeee