Sydney    saw Perren entrain to Taree
& adventure    Terry doing 1000 lashes so
i'm staying at the Great Southern Hotel & not
with him at a bar destroying ourselves with subtle
enthusiasm    got Schuyler's Uncollected
at GleeBooks    though thought of 2 books
by Pam    the Katz Propertius to go
with the marshal that arrested me
Laurie sent    but the Schuyler
was too good to miss   3 Boags
at the front bar watching the streets
busy    what are all these people!    movement
traffic    scattered rain    where's
the economy in poets reading poets?


reading the Schuyler in my hotel room
& it's very great!    but how
to get into The Circus?    at Glee
Books BOP was there    i like the extended
P & the thick red O but no Circus!
i clown around a lot & its a lot
i make a lot of    The Circus will turn up
as it does in any country town
even the amplified mist of winter
in Kyneton gathers    i gather
& gathering myself i think i'll do
a few more Boags before the sun decides
to rise    or also rises    ere i should long
too long The Circus come to town

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