Rani Ghazzaoui is a writer, communicator, actor, and poet who lives and works on Gadigal land. Born in Brazil and a naturalised Australian, Rani moved to Sydney in 2007.

A notorious internet writer in the 2000s, Ghazzaoui shared her essays and poems on her now-extinct blog, "Rani Ghazzaoui Said". She gained visibility again in 2020 when she started writing poetry daily on her Instagram, @ranighazzaoui. She writes poetry, prose, fiction and auto-fiction in Portuguese and English about a variety of themes that examine human vulnerability — and the understanding of the complexity of her own humanity. Frequent subjects are love, feminism, relationships, society, politics, and self-analysis.

She has published works in the Brazilian anthology Posfácios (Hecatombe Publishing House) and numerous literary digital publications, such as Ruído Manifesto, Diversos Afins, and Red Room Poetry. Selected poems also integrate the literature high school curriculum of several Brazilian schools. Her debut book, an anthology of essays and poems entitled Aorta, was published in Brazil by Lyra das Artes in 2022 and in English, as an ebook, in 2023.

(Image: Kathy Luu)