After EVN




I couldn’t tell you what in the internalised islamophobia

possessed me.

I just had to find myself

a White Lover.

Whose Twitter bio read ally.

Who posted a black tile.

Who likes his girls

copper-skinned, thicc thighs, hair unruly.

I get the feeling I’m not the first one

he’s invaded.

That must make him an Authority on us.

Honey, he coos, Stop taking everything so seriously.

Not everything is about race.

Because he listens to J*rdan P*terson

who said,

It’s important to hear all sides equally.

Some sides are more equal than others.

Cancel culture is a cancer

stifles everyone in debate.

Some stifling is more equal than others.

White Lover is loud.

You have to admit:

there are some who rort the system;

who don’t want the Australian way of life;

and what about those ISIS bros who hate women?

White Lover talks

and talks over me.

(I’m too close to it, I’m not objective.)


He doesn’t want my brain,

only my acquiescent body.

He likes to argue with my jaded Muslim friends.

It’s important to play devil’s advocate.


The majority of victims of Islamophobia are women,

the news anchor declares.

Fourfold increase in reported incidents after terrorist attack.


I tell myself this is the last time.

I will end things tomorrow

as he walks through my front door.

One day it will be him 

on the front page of The Australian

Hysteria over white man who defends war criminals


One day it will be him

we run out of town.