Do not try so hard
I can see the black beads
of sweat
sluggish at first
in your veins
I’m working cold
When I was five
I swear I could see
the wings rising
from your shoulder blades
How like a hive you are
busy bee
In the amber light
of an afternoon
swinging time and me
on your hip
How the days seemed
transparent then
And how each cell of you worked
and how you were a cluster of things
and how I clustered round you
busy bee
And how the warm honey
poured forth
A component suggests
a thing that fits
I am gathering
the bits of you up
They sit round me
And whisper
Here where all the parts
make a hole
Here the black thread
for the sewing
And here the bead black eyes
And here the needle point
making a black point
pointing back

And here the needle bone
also black
And here the whittling bone
blackened with use
And here the sharpening blade
And here the wishing bone
black as black can be
And here my lone black wish


Image: Lucy Quinn, Components, kiln cast and cold-worked lead crystal, 2015