I’m bewildered by you

You’re bewildered by me

The difference is

not the colour we see.


The maps you draw

The landscape I see,

You created something

That should not be.


Your hierarchy ideology

My kinship of care philosophy,

Even when we speak your English

It’s a different dichotomy.


But will you ever learn -

Simplicity, stillness, silence,

Listen to mother earth

The lesson is in the yield to yearn.


We are not a myth

Despite all your tricks,

Your rule book is written

Our law is spoken,

It has never been broken.


You weaponize truth

To appease white guilt,

Your record of self-righteousness are only words said,

Yet the land remains witness to all of the dead.


And so too the good

For all that we stood,

A peoples whose love endures

In the land, sky and sea,

That is something you could never be.


For it was the stars who navigated oceans so deep

And the rivers that trace our interconnected pride.

We know the moon only shines

When the light hits the bright side.


From Yiraybagarra, sunrise

To Girrangang, sunset

May we find Gulbalanha, peace

For our Ancestors to rest.