We are the looking, the heat and the voyage.

~ Etel Adnan


Get it to smoking but never to burning

be neither too high nor overly dirty

(it’s not so easy, and I know that you know it)

a single exposure will possibly break it


down, nearer to mind but further in theory

simply put, we’ll be doing this slowly

so slow, we’ll barely notice

how it wears, or how we get there


(or how we avoid the room where 

they count all the money)


a moon full of sun with a planetary schism 

whispers astrologists’ soft reservations

a measure, a mirror, a film in between us

lying and eyeing and tracing our moving


through space, disappearing, simmering  

in place, farther than ever, slower and meaner

a third-quarter moon holds the father of Jupiter

I whisper your name and the day turns warm.


Footnote: this poem was created using the Start-to-finish constraint as the starting point.