One of my turtles died and now it’s alive
Turtles are my dream
The turtle comes to life
Make me happy again
Dreams come true

Before they come out they kick their legs and arms
They’re cracking open, with baby turtle inside
I see the face
Start with the face, front and then back
Out it comes from the egg the baby turtle
Hundreds, so many baby turtles
Make me feel happy
Sound of the sand
The baby turtles coming out
He comes out because he’s friendly
He can talk
Home is in the sand 

Then into the lake
I dream about turtles in the lake
Excited sometimes, sometimes quiet
Ocean moving
Kicking her legs
They feel happy
They swim together
The waves in the lake are soft and cosy
Reminds me of home
The lake is moving 
Wshhhhhh the only sound
The waves circling out
They swim together
Excited sometimes, sometimes quiet 

They kiss
2 turtles named Wet and Dry
To see their mothers and fathers 
Mothers and fathers under the water
Turtle loves the mothers and fathers

Day first and night time
The sun is in the lake
The sun turtle
The sun turns the lake into sunlight
Orange and yellow and light blue around that
The sky is black, there are stars there, they shine
Turtle is a new name for me
Turtle Lady
A water lady
Lady of the lake
The lake and stars is friendly
Turtle lady is me
I’ll be a turtle lady
I feel like inside me
In my hands
In my legs
My arms are strong like turtles
I am talking about turtles
I am learning the turtle song 

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Victoria Atkinson, 'The Turtle Lady', Acrylic on Paper, 2020