Explores the nightlife during Ballarat’s 'roaring days' of the gold rush

These were astonishing times, with the town being settled at a remarkable rate, considering the speed of travel and communication at the time. With so many people flooding into the area, it’s hardly surprising that when the sun went down, Monday to Saturday, the opportunity for revelry was enthusiastically embraced.

Using this gold rush revelry as inspiration, The Electric Canvas presents an architectural projection onto the Art Gallery of Ballarat. The poetry and lyrics from the gold-digging era, as well as verse from today, was swathed across the building’s ornate architecture in an ode to Ballarat’s history, its present and future.

Event Details

White Night Ballarat - Nights of Gold - Poets Corner
Date & Time: 4 March, 7PM to 7AM (Best viewed from 8.30PM)
Venue: The Mining Exchange, 9 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat Central, VIC 3350