June 3rd 2007

Bangarra Mezzanine

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2007

Watch the Occasional Poetry promo film, filmed and edited by Andrew Garrick, composer Elliott Wheeler, and featuring [[Claire Potter]] with her poem, "Bird-Card for Lingis".

This project featured poets [[Adam Aitken]], [[Greg McLaren]] and [[Claire Potter]]. Taking the wit and disguises of the late Gwen Harwood as its “muse”, The Red Room Company commissioned the three poets to each write a poem for an occasion. To mark the installation and celebrate the Sydney Writers’ Festival we held an “End of Season Party”.  The poets read their works, and Associate Editor of Jacket, [[Pam Brown]], delivered the 2007 Mineslec on the topic of occasional poetry. Poems were available to wear as pins.

You can listen to the poets and Brown reading their work and being interviewed by Johanna Featherstone:

Pam Brown, "2007 Mineslec"

Claire Potter, "Bird-card for LIngis"

Adam Aitken, "Costumes"

Greg McLaren, "Early autumn, light"

An installation of the poems and their authors’ favourite garments was displayed May 31st – June 4th 2007 at Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay.