Evelyn-Araluen_2020-Red Room Poetry.jpg

there’s nothing to say but         breath
to bring to the room a mercy of limbs
~ Evelyn Araluen from 'Stutter'

During a time of social distancing, art is a powerful way for us to unite

Translating meaning across two different art forms, Red Room Poetry and the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) brought together poet, Evelyn Araluen and photograph artist, Pixy Liao.

Evelyn was commissioned to respond poetically with her poem 'Stutter' to Pixy’s intimate photographic work, Some words are just between us 2010. Both works were published side-by-side in the NGA's Artonview Winter magazine 2020. Pixy's work was exhibited in the NGA's 2020 exhibition, The Body Electric – a showcase of women artists on the subjects of sex, pleasure and desire.

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