By Kate Liston-Mills


Whole (if it is all one thing).
Synchronicity flickers every step –
The whole place is burning now, I thought myself right, I thought the signs were there…
That Gandhi principle lead me down the idealist’s road, being the change
I thought made everything make sense. And I plunged off the ledge like a plug
and the whole basin crumbled. A sink hole / literally (as they say these days).
Trump trumps in – a tangerine in a white box – and it hurts because if the whole
is just the one then we all wash our hands like Lady Macbeth
over and
over and
over and
over and
the basin crumbles, all red, all smeared.
We can all look down into the sink hole. I’ve introduced all this before, because every word
is the whole and the whole is every part and causality has turned inside itself and the whole.
There is no chance. Is anyone awake? I’m ages away
(in my south coast land) but the sky here is gradually hazing over too.
Coincidence is the smoke alarm we’ve all been fitted with
and it’s going off.