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Long, long ago, when I was little,
A pretty little ring I loved to fiddle.
The poor thing lost and lonely,
It was the one and only.
Bye, bye little ring,
See you later hopefully.

Years have passed and you’re still not here.
You meant a lot to me and I’m stuck here in fear.
You were safe, stuffed close, locked away.
From a woman I never knew,
And one I see every day.
You’re waiting patiently for me to see something
That I really need.
See you one day, when I’m old enough.
I really love you, so stay safe and loved.

I’ve now seen a picture of my grandmother.
She was beautiful and well looked after.
My mother and my aunts did well looking after her.
Just wondering how my ring is doing.
Must have not survived my whole life living.
Now I’m old and hopeless.
Here come my kids with a present.
I look in and there I see my little ring.
Safe and free.