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My Luck

By Alexandra (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

It's soft as silk cool as ice an alien dog's collar a harness for thieves a happy thought a bit of luck it's mine, my bracelet.


My cute white blanket

By Kaari (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

A white blanket to cuddle at night for your love to have in your cosy bed when you go to sleep in your love content - it whispers a little ...


The Lost Ring

By Marium (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Long, long ago, when I was little, A pretty little ring I loved to fiddle. The poor thing lost and lonely, It was the one and only. Bye, bye little ...


My Cat Gift

By Phoebe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

A crazy card belongs to me, Just keep reading and you will see. I got a French book and gave it away, I felt good instantly from that day. A ...


The Doll

By Zoe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Her dangling hair Like a golden pear. A face so bright It can shine through the night. Better than gold But will never be sold. It’s so special to me ...