I am walking through a forest of guilt.
I thrive, I live and I have lived
my whole life on someone else's land.
On First Nations’ land.
The government say stealing is against the law
but Captain Cook was just a robber
who got hailed as a hero. I mean come on!

All he did was sail a ship to an ‘Undiscovered Land’
- which isn’t even true! - And claimed it for England.
That is not heroic to me.
It is a shameful act that is taboo to talk about
but only 'cos the settlers like me 
are ashamed, are embarrassed
so we pretend it never happened.

But government feeds us lies. They are scared to admit
what they’ve done is wrong. Really wrong.
Because they don’t want to lose their mansions
so they ignore the truth. And ignoring it isn't going to make it right.

The things my ancestors did make my insides burn with guilt
I wish I could do something but I don't know what.