The sun sets in a blaze of gold, painting the sky what a sight to behold. Colours dance vibrant and bright, as day slowly fades into night. The clouds blush with hues of pink, as the sun sinks, what a time to think. Silent whispers, gentle breeze that’s nature’s symphony, put at ease. Horizon kisses the sun, goodnight stars awakened shining so bright. Moonlight casts its enchanting spell, a story of dreams it begins to tell. Twilight whispers secrets untold, as words unfold, a story to behold. Nature's canvas, a masterpiece so divine the sunset’s beauty forever sits in time. The sunset paints the sky with hues, a breathtaking sight that never fails to amuse. The golden sun descends with grace casting its glow in this tranquil space. Colours blend a vibrant display as daylight slowly fades away. The sky transforms a canvas of art a masterpiece straight from earth’s heart. Silhouette dances against the fiery sky, birds bid their final farewell, gracefully they fly. A moment of peace and tranquil embrace as the sun sets with elegance and grace. Just a hill in the day when the sun sets it's an extraordinary display. Air pollution from the city, come on people, help the Red Room committee.