Coastal cliffs, lit-up lighthouses, floral fields, the surface.

Deep in the eerily silent ocean, is whale's haven.                                     

Unlike the surface, where the waves leap, dive, splash.                           

A world beneath ours.

She moves forward, slowly, gently.                                                           

Her ocean wings propel her forwards.

Deep in the calmingly silent ocean,                                                           

The stillness, the peace, the nothing home to the everything.

The ocean whispers to the whale,                                                             

Her calling answer rings out into the vast waters.                                     

Her calf listens intently, heeding her mother's lessons.                             

'Be careful of boats and nets'.                                                                     

All things she'll need to learn to continue her family's migration pattern.

Passed down through generations, the knowledge is sacred.

Deep in the beautifully silent ocean,                                                         

The calf is ready.                                                                                         

Her wings lift her up, up.                                                                           

And she leaps out of the blue, disturbing the smooth surface with her whale wings.

She has learnt to fly.