Walking down the mossy mangrove I hear the ocean calling my name 

Towel on my shoulder, birds chirping, the beams of sunlight is soft on my skin 

We run down to the bay to dive in



Across the sharp shelly ground my toes touch the glistening water 

As I dive under the ocean envelops me 

As my head breaks the surface 

I see the rock faces being swallowed by the plants

I take a breath and dive back in 

There's shiny shells all around

They shine like the stars in the night sky

Its magical, majestic, magnificent 

Climbing up the rocks I find a place to sit 

Laying back taking in the sun, I'm a cold blooded reptile 



It's time to go home, my mums call pierces my ear

Walking down the mossy slippery rocks 

The sharp shells cut through my feet like knives 

The current pulls me to shore 

I run out of the water, back over the rocky ground and pick up my towel

Its warm crusty edges heat my cold body

As we walk away I swear I hear the ocean say a sad goodbye