A madrigal of magpies prise dawn’s dewy curtain

Clownish conductors, maestros of the morning

Lilting over notes marcato, maestoso 


Wollumbin’s ancient bones warm

In the thrum of Sun’s soprano lungs   

His mountainous heartbeat coalescing

Into the silhouette of a pulse - poco a poco


Beyond and below, the ocean’s baritone bellow 

Becomes a metronome

Its raspy echo, our soul’s vibrato  


Nature’s syncopated signature 

Unfurls - spumante swirls

Run in trills of bass and snare 

Along a lemon cake shore 

Hollow hiss winding inside of coiled spray -

Daybreak’s crisp crescendo - allargando 


The caldera’s undulating sway

Its timeless waltz 

A chrysalis of cobalt, olive and bone

Adagio, simpatico.