A million moons away from this eternal dusk;

Where we are balancing on the perilous precipice of being gone,

Halfway between the warming light of day and the looming dark of night;

Where we won’t have anything to guide us; we’ve smothered, strangled the starlight


All the Earth is silent

But for the fading echoes of the ebbing world that once was

The emptiness pricks at restless ghosts with its brittle fingers

And the merciless ocean drags the hollow void under


The sun burns a vast hole in the air

That reeks of exhaust, and tastes of the end: bitter and sour and near

The sun’s blazing light wholly blinding us to what we have done

To this place that was supposed to be our forever home


This future of painful silence and garish light

Awaits our ghosts and grandchildren;

For those before us took to the world with only riches on their minds

Careless of the doomed time after they were one with their freeing graves


But their selfishness does not have to define us

We can change our ways in our final hours of comforting light

So that a million distant moons away from this eternal dusk,

We will not have to fear the sombre night.