Crackle! The crisp crunch of mulga leaves echoes through my tarnished soul,

As dingoes dance in the daylight of the forest floor,

The sun spreading its spicy rays like a warm hug over the lonely mountain’s shoulders,

Its eyes peering deep into my hardened heart.

Longing for the path of light and discovery to diminish a mother’s pain,

The forest is an eagle soaring into a sky of endless hope,

Bearing gracious gifts to nourish her silent suffering,

Spirits flooding thoughts and guiding the delicate journey to everlasting bliss.

Finger lime pearls burst effervescent tang along the parched plain,

As clusters of cream, feathery flowers display the lemon myrtle’s sheer delight, 

Bush banana nectar inundates the senses of sorrow,

While piercing shrills of mulga apples cascading along ledges create aspirations for renewed life. 

Prominent veins of pencil yams inject mother’s known earthly desire,

Milky sap of the conkerberry extinguishing doubt of eternal pain,

Pungent aromas of tamarillo and caramel envelope the desert raisin’s home, 

As sandpaper fig’s weeping profile casts an elegant shadow of hope forever more. 

Flames of fury silently sleeping as sizzling sunset fades to the abyss,

"Bada-la-libiyla" resonates through the valley of fear,

Cherish the gathering of nourishment to embark on a new future, 

Connecting through nature, healing the heavy heart of a mother’s eternal love.