Cute, fury, brown, grey and white.

What am I? I’m quite a sight

Long tail, twitching nose and beady eyes like a rat

I’m a woylie and I’m terrified of feral cats  


I can fit in the palm of your hand

Where will you find me? In the warm grass land

I don’t bring this up to be grim

But woylies' numbers are very slim


I am a part of the rat kangaroo clan

When foxes see me, they’re not my biggest fan

You see, to them I’m a tasty snack

I must hide to stay away from their pack


I'm a busy marsupial, most active at night

When my eyes glow red, you’re in for a real fright 

My diet is varied, but my favourite food is truffle

Don’t try and take it from me, you’ll be in for a scuffle


Love me or hate me I’m just as cute as can be

But I’m scared in the future you may not see me

For woylies are endangered and in order to survive

We must keep away our predators in order to thrive