Speeding, swishing, swooping, swerving 

Pumping, pushing, popping, pulling

Sharp turns and trees

Big long berms and speed

Eucalyptus and wattle leaves brush against my skin


This way, that way

Pumping down on pedals like a predator at prey

Roaming all around and exploring as I flow

Eye-catching colours are what this forest shows

The compression throws me up in the air


Because I’ll be speeding, swishing, swooping and swerving 

Pumping, pushing, popping and pulling

But I shall be prepared, or over the bars I go

Legs shake, lungs ache, sweat flows

No second guessing over these gnarly roots and intimidating drops


Sharp turns and trees

Big long berms and the breeze

Within the forest of Kentlyn is where happiness strikes

Possibilities are endless on my bike

And possibilities are endless on the rock trail