Seagulls squawking, children screaming.
I sit beneath the shady umbrella which protects me from the sizzling sun.
Living the summer life and watching seagulls fight over an abandoned bag of Cheetos.

A chocolate ice cream, melting as the sun shines brighter.
Kids racing to the waves, who can get there first?
Sand, everywhere you can see and thongs and beach toys even one shaped like a bee.
The waves, crashing and getting louder as they hit the shore.
Seaweed squelching in between my toes.
The warm summer breeze blows throughout my long golden hair.  

The sun, bright and the clouds slowly fading away.
Kids splashing each other becoming drenched and tasting the salty seaside air.
Barefoot, I slowly dig my feet deep in to the cool sand to protect my feet from the scorching hot sand.
My mind begins to drift away as the waves’ noises become calmer and more relaxing.
The waves make me feel safe, they make me feel at home..