A hulking myth hewn from the northern contours.
He stepped out from the Finnish peaks,
snow falling from his limbs and stood.
His body immense and ecstatic.
His blood surging with heat and impossible mysteries.
His mind afire with excitements and electricities.

Beneath the elegant universe,
as infinity shimmered through the madness in the night,
he felt the sweet ache of frost in the groan of his limbs,
and drank the expanse of stars with each aching breath.

And as all life came out from the wing
in a flutter of colour and downing,
his heart, drumming thick with love,
rolled into the bruised plum peaks of memory.

Around my wrist I wear his watch
and though the ocean skyline is tangerine sweet,
With each steady beat,
I hear my hours
fall softly,
into the drifts of time.