Titans reach towards the heavens,

Colossal silhouettes before the rising sun.

The city of giants soars.


A pale green youth unfurls, dancing merrily in the breeze.

A withered warrior fractures.

Away from its mother’s embrace,

Sinking into the skeletal arms of past brothers.


The feathered travellers glide through the crisp morning air.

Surveying the dense patchwork of life,

Following the map carved by the rivulet,

Fluttering down soundlessly, to perch on the outstretched limbs of the evergreens.


Musical notes emanate from the trickle of the clear creek.

While darting fish leap upstream,

Glinting like flashes of silver.

Sunlight glistens—jewels on the fresh water.


A hopeful young bud sprouts

Towards the warmth of the sun.

Only to be crushed,

By the careless feet of humanity.