The uncharted waters of aquamarine blue.
A shadow stalks up, made from our rue.
A singular polyp, its life being leeched, fades slowly to white, as its algae is bleached.
The pure white sand, as smooth as a plaque, conceal venomous stonefish, with spines on their backs. Small tropical fish, of all colours and shapes, drift unaware, as a Wobbegong waits.
Graceful pods of dolphins, elegant and slim,
Away from the Bull Sharks, who lurk in the dim.
Pale-faced herons, eagles and terns shriek, as global warming threatens the calm air to burn.
But drifting on the currents, lifeblood of grey,
A raft of pumice, floating slowly to the bay.
Porous grey rock, riddled with life, cures the reef’s sufferings, bleaching and strife.
Revitalising energy flows through the seas,
Restoring and bringing life to the reefs.
But it does not fully stop the bleaching and the coral stems curl.
We must end the reef’s agony to save this wonder of the world.