The sparkling sky is illuminated pomegranate pink with streaks of mango gold
The small bay is illuminated like a lantern on a cold winter’s night
A small tui streaks through the morning sky, freedom under its wings makes it soar
Damp moss brushes my legs as I shimmy up the tree with memories in my pockets
I lower my memories into her bow, she accepts them with love and pride
The rider is ready to ride on the wind with the birds
The rider overlooks the cliff staring at the sea almost like it's challenging her
She knows it's time to leave, she looks at me with the pity I’ve learnt to hate
She leaps onto the same wind that carries boats, birds and memories
She rides with the tuis into the sunset, leaving me angry, sad and incomplete
Anger swirls around me like an aggressive whirlwind of thoughts
As I hear the shriek of a tui I think to the times we would have together
I think of you all the time, we do everything together
When we kayak down the river I hear your laugh over the boom of the waterfall
Sitting in the moonlight watching fireflies dance as you laugh
The sun warms my back as I run with the sand beneath my toes as you watch me
Here I sit in the sun staring at the endless crystal blue, memories blurring in my eyes
Love, nature, memories, calm