I gazed over at the barren land

Staring in awe at all that was lost.

A lonely, crisp leaf, lying in pain.

Its burnt edges were as dark and deadly as a raven’s black feathers.

There could only be one cause of this problem…

As I was crunching the dry leaf with my oily hands

I suddenly felt a sharp pain.

The skin on my palm began to blister.

Dropping the crispy pieces of dead leaf

I noticed a faint but frightful flame

Dangerously devouring the little life left in the leaf

The smell of burnt wood lingered in the air

From the dead trees, laying lifelessly on the ground.

I coughed up the dark ash that had settled in my lungs, gasping for air as I struggled to breathe.

Mother nature was asking for help as she was overwhelmed by the threatening bushfire.

Where was the help?

Us humans barely tried. This ignited my own fire of fury inside

Is this a nightmare? Or is this real?

The fire and ash are threatening the earth, but it’s not too late...