Leaves whirling through the air
Like specks of confetti bright and fair.
Soaring trees that can touch the sky,
With deserts and cactus hot and dry.
Crystal clear waters reflecting shimmering light.
Moon and stars that guide you through the night.
The sound of wind whispering through your ears,
While antelope conquers the lion's den without any fears.
Schools of fish darting in and out 
Of the spectacular coral reef throughout.
Not all of it is what it seems.
If you take a step closer you will see behind the scenes
Scarlet red flames all around,
Rising heat flaring of the ground.
Homes and livelihoods crashing down,
With men in red saving towns.
With all the good and bad
And the things that make you sad
We push through it for future generations to come
So they will know of the world it has become.