As I walk through the bush, I can smell the fresh air and I feel it running across my face. 
I hear the leaves cracking underneath my feet, I hear the animals running around through the bushes and trees.
The wind is as fast as a cheetah and the trees start to sway, they are dancers and the bushes rustle. 
The sun is slowly starting to get brighter, it is now the middle of the day. Animals start to get more active.
So I sit down on a rock and eat my lunch.
As I'm eating my lunch the weather starts to get warmer. 
I finish my lunch and start walking again until I come to a river with beautiful clear water. I jump in and start swimming down the stream. At the end of the stream there’s a waterfall. The waterfall is flowing down onto my head. Then I see something reflecting on the water. The sun has started to go down so I get out and start walking back to the car. I then realise how good of a day it’s been.