Colossal icebergs fill the salty sea while chasing after the unseen

Rrr! Sinister ice-covered polar bears eye up their next meal

Antarctica feels like frozen icicles tickling your tongue

Crevices crept away from the penguins as the thundering winds howl

The Ross seal is a strong ox as it slips and slides on top of the rocks


Elephant seals, crocodile fish and seabirds' piercing screech

While sea spiders scuttle down under the sea depths far from reach

Twinkling white stars dance along the sky, an attractive and breathtaking sight

Almighty fearless whopping whales whisk up the frozen waters, Sshh!


Visitors, anxious to settle for the night at the thought of leaving this stately sight

Icebergs and mountains, so vast and towering as they hunch

Like a fuming grizzly bear ready for its lunch

As frozen as an ice block dripping down your face through the summer rays

Antarctica is the taste of splendid lemon gelato on a gorgeous sunny day!