Where to find Learning Resources for Educators


Finding curriculum-aligned learning resources doesn't have to be hard! We've rounded up some great places for teachers to find resources, lesson plans and tips below.

Plus, check out our Poetic Learning page for a range of resources created by poets from across the continent.

Miss Gibbs
A website with the aim of helping Australian teachers to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, and Sustainability into their lessons, Miss Gibbs offers customisable templates, a Teacher Resource Finder and book recommendations.

Cool Australia
Cool Australia create evidence-based, curriculum-aligned education resources for teachers and parents, including a digital library for students covering a wide range of topics including biodiversity, climate change, mindfulness and more.

Creations in Education
Sharing lesson ideas, tips and resources, Primary School teacher Rianna offers lots of creative solutions and fun ways to enrich your students' days on the @creationsineducation Instagram account.

For curriculum-aligned video resources for primary, secondary and tertiary school settings, head over to ClickView. You can access a range of their free resources spanning History, First Nations Culture, English, Foreign Languages, Biology and more on YouTube - where you can also find our Poetic Devices Video Resources produced in partnership with ClickView.

Australian Museum
The Australian Museum has a wealth of learning resources like virtual excursions, at-home experiments, informative videos and activity booklets such as Power through Poetry, developed by Red Room Poetry in partnership with the Australian Museum, which features activities around powerful poems by First Nations artists.

Teaching with Cass
Primary School teacher Cass creates colourful worksheets for classroom activities and shares tips, tricks and ideas based on her own experiences in the classroom with other educators on her Instagram account at @teachingwithcass.

Red Room Poetry Learning Resources
Red Room Poetic Learning inspires students and teachers to create, perform and publish poetry in meaningful ways with a library full of curriculum-aligned poetic learning resources for students K-12.

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