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Calls from Emergency 2144

Outgoing call: May 31, 3.46pm
“Aisha, please don’t be angry at me I can’t handle it right now.
Listen please, I’m in so much pain yar. 
Look I took myself to emergency it was just getting so bad, they just admitted me now.
They’re saying its worse than I thought and if I waited longer…
Is now really the time to say I told you so?
Ok fine you were right. Just please can you come here as soon as possible I am so scared
these nurses are going to tell my parents, they keep asking for their number idk what to say.
Please just don’t tell anyone I’m here. I’’ll get packed off with the next rishta if my parents find out!
Ok love you, see you soon.”
Incoming call: May 31, 4.01pm
“Babe, just calling to tell you I left uni and I’m on my way, okay?
No of course I didn’t tell anyone! I’ll just tell my tutor a family member had a medical emergency which isn’t a lie…
Look, tell your parents you’re at the library. I’m going to tell mine I’m with you and we’ll drive to my sisters when we’re done…
No, of course she won’t judge you!
No, you can’t lie and say you it was your appendix! What if one day you actually get your appendix out…
Look, they’ll just clean you out. My cousin had the same thing happen and she was fine in two days. 
I fully told you not to go to that dodgy place for the abortion!
Shit – an uncle on this train keeps looking at me. I think he’s desi.
Okay, jaanu I’ll call again when I’m there take care.”
Incoming Call: May 31, 6:50pm
Incoming Call: May 31, 6:51pm
Incoming Call: May 31, 6.57pm
Incoming Call: May 31, 7.32pm
“Shukr ap ne phone pick kar li ya mein parshaan ho gayi thi
acha aap aisha ki bahn ji ghar jaa re hain?
chalo theek hai, aap bata lat the muje mein ne khaas ap ke liye ghosht ka shorba banaya tha
theek hai beta wo ap go ghar le ke Ayi ghi bas der nah kar na please
jab aap ma hoenge ap ko pate lage ga

alla hafiz.”

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